• Maulidah Tri Utami IAIN Salatiga


There’s lot of women who don’t just want to hang out at home, makes a women want to look for other things outside the house like work, study, or something. But in Islam there is a rule when a woman is going out of her home or is answering. The article will discuss mahram as well as a culture of the manner in which a woman is going out of her home or is drawn. Who is mahram to accompany a woman on a trip? How are all the provision a woman must make if answering?. From the various resources available to us to determine, when a woman can compete without mahram. that is how Islam respects and cares for a woman so much that it also notices when a woman is about to travel. Not just one woman, but all muslim have a rule if a Muslim is to compete for a long time. So, when to reply a Muslim must meet or finish what he needs before taking a sauna.


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Utami, M. (2019, September 2). MAHRAM IMPLICATIONS IN WOMEN’S TRAVEL. HUNAFA: Jurnal Studia Islamika, 16(1), 88-110.