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There are those who review management in terms of functions, objects, and institutions, and others who review management as a whole. Management is a series of activities that comprises planning, organizing, mobilization and supervision in achieving predetermined objectives, and aims to explore and utilize natural resources to achieve organizational goals. Based on this, management of education is interpreted as a series or activities such as planning, organizing, motivating, controlling, and developing all efforts to regulate and utilize human resources, facilities and infrastructure to achieve goals of education. To realize good management of education requires capable and talented leaders. In this paper, study is focused on equalization and standardization of management of education in Madrasah.</p> Sumarto Sumarto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-07-03 2017-07-03 14 1 117 139 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.450.117-139 Learning Islam from the Performance of Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets) Shadow puppet is the oldest heritage culture in Indonesia. There are many local wisdom values embedded in shadow puppet, so it can be a reason of the existence of shadow puppet throughout the ages. One of facts shows us that shadow puppet is well-knows as the greatest heritage for a history of spreading Islam used to a shadow puppet media by Sunan Kalijaga. This research employs qualitative method which direct observes this performing arts to find facts that shows shadow puppet is being regarded as dawa media. In fact, shadow puppet has essential role for spreading Islam in Indonesia because it has a linier values with Islam itself. The result explains us that language facts derives from wejangan form in shadow puppet representing Islamic values. Therefore, shadow puppet can be a Islamic learning media for all people. Ferdi Arifin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-07-02 2017-07-02 14 1 99 115 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.457.99-115 E-Learning Implementation in Islamic Education Innovation <p class="AABSTRAK"><span>R</span><span lang="SV">apid development of </span><span>information </span><span lang="SV">technology has influenced </span><span>v</span><span lang="SV">arious aspects of life including Islamic </span><span>e</span><span lang="SV">ducation, Th</span><span>is requires</span><span lang="SV"> Islamic education institutions </span><span>to</span><span lang="SV"> be able to anticipate </span><span>the</span><span lang="SV"> developments by </span><span>practicing learners need-based learning programs</span><span lang="SV">. </span><span><span> </span>One way to respond to information technology development is through implementation of e-learning in </span><span lang="SV">Islamic education </span><span>context. </span><span lang="SV">Ele</span><span>c</span><span lang="SV">tronic Learning is a new way in teaching and learning process </span><span>through the</span><span lang="SV"> uses electronic media</span><span> such as internet-based learning material. </span><span><span> </span></span><span>It is expected e</span><span lang="SV">-learning system </span><span>will be used </span><span lang="SV">more effective </span><span lang="EN-US">along</span><span lang="SV"> with the development of technology and learning method</span><span>s</span><span lang="SV">. The development of the E-learning system is also expected not only take into account the financial and profitability issues, but also </span><span>learners </span><span lang="SV">psychological </span><span>issues. This reaquires education institutions </span><span lang="SV"><span> </span>to accommodate the different </span><span>individual </span><span lang="SV">personalities and </span><span>l</span><span lang="SV">earning </span><span>strategies</span><span lang="SV">.</span></p> Andi Nurul Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 17 36 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.460.17-36 Reform of the System of Education in Pesantren <p>Impact of pesantren education system update can be viewed in terms of its negative and positive aspects. The negative side, schools that still persists in the form of salafiless able to again growConduciveand schools that have been developed into a boarding Khalafihave started to tend to the economic orientation that has implications for the values of sincerityless. While the positive impact schools have the ability to survivein the midst of change and competition continues to run, has the ability to improve its quality, and has the ability to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing era guidance. The challenges facing the education system reform schools, namely the challenge of macro and micro. At the macro level schools are challenged to work on institutional Triumvirate, namely the family, workplace, and schools themselves. While the micro, schools are required to rearrange the interaction between students and Kiai, the concept of education, and the curriculum used.</p> Erniati Erniati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 37 58 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.454.37-58 Islamic Education: A Principle to Develop Religious Society to Anticipate Negative Impact of Social Media This study aims to analyze how the Islamic education is able to be the principle of inter-religious harmony to  anticipate  negative impact of social media use. Islam as a universal religion has proven its ability  to encourage the development of science and technology. Social media has emerged along with the development of information technology. The social media is able to facilitate  community to communicate and  to exchange information, but at the same time social media may also threat the harmony of interfaith relationship. This is due to the misuse of social media by irresponsible individuals who intentionally used  social media to create conflict between religious groups. Islamic education is expected to be a foundation to create society with good morale and ethics. This will also produce society  with good manner in using social media to avoid negative impact and to create  harmony among society and religions Indonesia. Solihin Nasrudin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 59 76 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.466.59-76 Family Based Premarital Teenager Education in Islamic Education Perspective in Kaili Community in Palu The widespread of premarital pregnancy is caused by rampant  promiscuity among female teenagers. The promiscuity occurs due to lack parents’ supervision. Female teenagers  often break  religious, ethical, moral and customary norms. Therefore,  it is important to provide teenagers with pre-marriage education materials. Islam teaches its adherents not to be in hurry in everything except in five things: burial of corpse, paying debts, serving travelers, repenting, and marrying. This study attempts to examine family-based premarital sex education in Islamic education perspectives in the Kaili community in the Palu Valley. The researcher used a quantitative-descriptive approach to see the relationship of research variables. The results show that, the majority of housewife knowledge about premarital education is very low. This certainly affect the lack of premarital sex  education of their young daughters. Low knowledge of housewives and young female regarding premarital sex  education because families do  not teach and socialize moral, ethical, and ethical values effectively in their communities. Andi Markarma ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 77 98 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.467.77-78 Islamic Education Reconstruction: Mastery Learning Based in Modern Islamic Boarding School The growing secularism and radicalism are increasingly widespread in Islamic education system. Efforts to reconstruct the Islamic educational system have been done but results yet to satisfy Muslim society.  Comprehensive teaching in Islamic boarding school is expected to be a solution to solve  problems relating to moral,  role mode, and leadership crisis as well as the  commercialization of education. The implementation of mastery learning in modern Islamic boarding school is considered as a breakthrough in improving and implementation of integrated learning and curriculum. Islamic boarding school is expected to become one of role model in Muslim education institutions which is able to produce high quality of human resources with high work ethic and morale. Lila Pangestu Hadiningrum ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 1 15 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.458.1-15 Gontor as the Learning Contemporary Islamic Institution Transformation Toward the Modernity Darussalam gontor modern islamic boarding school is one that is very instrumental in indonesia education coloring even southeast asia. the whole potential and capability to realize the mission of shed. There are five philosophical education of darussalam gontor modern islamic institution: the vision; the missions; the mottoes; the five spirits; and the long-term plan. This research attempts to offer darussalam gontor modern islamic institution transformation toward the modernity includes several things, first, based on total quality control second, based on cadre recruitment; third, based on teaching 24 hours Muhammad Iqbal Fasa ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 141 174 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.462.141-174 Contextual Teaching and Learning Method in Studying Arabic <pre>The concept of Contextual Teaching and Learning teaching emphasizes the full student's activity both physically and mentally. Contextual Teaching and Learning considers that learning is not a memorizing activity, considering facts, demonstrating repetitious exercise but a process of experience in life in nature . Contextual Teaching and Learning in learning Arabic is able to improve students' learning achievement in learning Arabic because learners are increasingly eager to learn or have the confidence to know something that is not yet known so as to make learners is not depressed in teaching and learning process.</pre> Muhammad Ilham Muchtar ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 14 1 175 188 10.24239/jsi.v14i1.465.175-188 Peran Negara dalam Perekonomian (Tinjauan Teoritis Kebijakan Fiskal dalam Ekonomi Islam) Indonesia is a state based on law and adopts welfare. Thus, the state has an obligation and responsibility to realize public welfare as stated in the fourth paragraph of Undang-Undang Dasar (UUD) Negara Republik Indonesia 1945. In achieving these objectives, the government must play an important role in various aspects of community life, especially in the economy. One form of government intervention, namely in fiscal policy by adjusting the state revenues and expenditures in the state budget. In Islamic economics, fiscal policy objective is to create economic stability, high economic growth and equitable distribution of income, coupled with the other objectives contained in the rules of Islam Syaakir Sofyan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-01-03 2017-01-03 14 1 288 314 10.24239/jsi.v13i2.441.288-314